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WDG Consulting can provide a full complement of distribution location and related services. We have comprehensive logistics capabilities by virtue of our alliance with the highly-regarded supply chain consulting firm Synergy Solutions Group. Like WDGC, Synergy is a boutique consulting firm whose five partners have a combined 125 years' experience in the logistics field.

The WDGC/SSG team can advise companies on both operational and locational issues affecting the distribution of consumer and industrial products. Once configuration, efficiency, and locational challenges have been resolved, we can also furnish real estate acquisition, property management, and human resources services. These include site/building negotiations, construction/build-out financing, incentives, facilities management, and staffing strategy (e.g., new-hire selection criteria, competitive wage structure, turnover minimization, and human resource policies). Such services are provided by our strategic alliance partners in real estate and human resources.

Most frequently requested supply chain services are warehouse network optimization, freight cost minimization, and shipping route optimization.  Once a client decides whether to modify its distribution footprint, WDGC's location advisory services (e.g. best site for a new DC) come into play.

Questions that WDGC and its alliance partner SSG often address for logistics clients include the following:

bullet How many distribution centers should we operate?
bullet What is the optimal geographic deployment for our distribution centers?
bullet What savings could be achieved via consolidation?
bullet Material handling
bullet Inventory
bullet Transportation
bullet Labor
bullet Real estate
bullet What should the rollout look like for consolidation?
bullet Should the existing warehouse network be reconfigured to either approach or achieve the optimal solution.
bullet What is the best inventory strategy for our distribution centers?
bullet How large (cubic feet) should the DC's be?
bullet How can we increase efficiency and lower cost through the redesign of existing material flow processes and facilities?
bullet Which material-handling systems are best suited for our operations?
bullet Can we achieve cost savings from our transportation vendors?
bullet Where is the best location for our new distribution center?
bullet Which labor market is most favorable for a new distribution facility?
bullet What government incentives could we expect from either expanding or establishing a new distribution center in an area?
bullet Which site or building is best suited for the new distribution center?
bullet What is the most favorable financing mechanism for the new distribution center?
bullet What are the best lease terms and conditions for the new distribution facility?
bullet How can we minimize facilities management costs in our distribution centers?
bullet What is the optimal design for our new distribution center?
bullet How can we improve our human resource management strategy to more readily achieve employee recruitment/retention objectives?
bullet What steps can we take to reduce turnover?
bullet Should we change our compensation structure to generate a better quality workforce?
bullet Are we deficient in employee training programs?


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