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WDG Consulting will advise companies on the best locations (both over the near term and long term) for the respective business operation. This could involve manufacturing, distribution, R&D, headquarters, or back offices. A sequential process is followed until the optimal area emerges. Among the questions addressed are:

Discovery / Definition
bullet Main reasons for establishing a new facility
bullet Most crucial business objectives to be realized via the new entity
bullet Target date for startup
bullet Timeframe for facility to reach maturity
bullet Initial and projected operating requirements
bullet Headcount
bullet Site/Building
bullet Utilities
bullet Transportation
bullet Machinery/Equipment investment
bullet Criteria definition/weighting
bullet Qualitative (e.g labor market)
bullet Quantitative (e.g. payroll cost)
bullet Initial geographic search region
bullet Rules of disclosure/confidentiality

Location Screening

bullet Objectives
bullet Shortlist (best bets)
bullet Typically three
bullet Two Stage Elimination process
bullet Stage One
bullet Desktop Research
   - WDGC proprietary database
   - External data resources
bullet Economic development outreach
bullet Multi-Round
  - Basic criteria at outset
  - More restrictive criteria subsequently
bullet Longlist (often 7-8 areas) generated
bullet Sample screening factors
  - Market proximity
  - Air access
  - Highway access
  - Population
  - Resident skills base
  - Cost-of-living
  - Wage levels
bullet Stage Two
bullet Outreach to economic development agencies
bullet Obtain greater insights on operative conditions
bullet Representative dynamics analzed
  - Major employers
  - New (e.g. expanding) employers
  - Unioninzed companies
  - Available sites/buildings
  - Electric Power
  - Taxation
  - Potential incentives
bullet Longlist Rankings
bullet WDGC model (scorecard)
bullet Weighted factors
bullet Area scores
bullet WDGC insights
bullet Recommended Shortlist
bullet Which
bullet Why
bullet Viability of remaining areas
bullet Trade-offs against any benchmarked locations

Location Evaluation

bullet Based upon comprehensive research, including field investigations, how do the finalist areas compare on the most critical considerations (e.g., labor market, business costs, logistics)?
bullet Research Inputs embrace
bullet Interviews with similiar companies (to guage current/emerging business conditions)
bullet Interviews with other prudent groups (e.g. staffing, gov't transportation)
bullet Site/building Tours
bullet GIS Mapping (sites/buildings, labor shed, transportation)
bullet Quality-of-life tours
bullet Request of ED organizations for preliminary incentives 
bullet Which geographic sector of each area is best suited from a business operating perspective (e.g., proximity to labor pools, site availability, highway access, utility infrastructure)?
bullet Are there buildings/sites within the preferred geographic sectors that satisfy key criteria?
bullet Using a matrix comparison model infused with independent judgment, how do the final three locations compare?
bullet Business costs
bullet Incentives
bullet Real estate
bullet Labor market
bullet Environmental
bullet Transportation 
bullet Utilities
bullet Disaster risk
bullet Quality-of-life/transferee appeal
bullet Which location will be tentatively chosen, given successful negotiations?
bullet Should real estate and incentive negotiations be conducted in one or more locations?
bullet What immediate steps should be taken to implement the locational decision?
bullet Should the internal project team now be expanded?

Key Location Factors:

bullet Labor market
bullet Competitive demand (for requisite skillsets)
bullet Supply of qualified workers (including qualified applicant flow)
bullet Quality/stability (e.g. basic skills attainment and turnover)
bullet Unionization
bullet  Labor Legislation 
bullet  Market Competitive Wages (start and progression)
bullet  Future Cost Escalation 
bullet Training/education resources
bullet Vo-tech
bullet University
bullet Transportation
bullet Highways
bullet Motor carrier
bullet Rail
bullet Air
bullet Small package
bullet Business costs
bullet Payroll
bullet Transportation, occupancy, taxes, incentives (offset)
bullet Business support services
bullet National vendors
bullet Local suppliers
bullet Risk
bullet Natural disaster
bullet Terrorist threat
bullet Political stability, financial stability, site security
bullet Environment
bullet Air
bullet Water
bullet Site contamination
bullet Permits
bullet Timing
bullet Cost
bullet Utilities
bullet Power supply, reliability, redundancy, cost
bullet  Water supply/quality 
bullet  Natural gas supply, cost
bullet Water/sewer capacity, cost
bullet Telecommunications
  - Service Providers
  - Redundancy
bullet Sites / Buildings
bullet  Dimensions 
bullet Geo-Physical characteristics
bullet Costs
bullet Accessibility
bullet Orientation to prime labor pools
bullet Zoning
bullet  Nearby land use compatibility 
bullet Quality-of-life
bullet Ability to relocate professional talent
bullet Cost-of-living
bullet Housing
bullet Education
bullet Climate
bullet Recreation
bullet Amenities
bullet Arts/culture
bullet Crime


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