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WDG Consulting and Buck Consultants International (BCI) have formed a strategic alliance to provide a full-range of integrated site selection services for Europe and North America. Cross Atlantic location consulting advice can now be obtained from a single source, whose partners have earned leadership reputations in Europe and North America.

WDGs historical expertise (for some 30+ years) has been in North America while BCIs focus has been Europe (for over 20 years). Both firms assign only experienced location advisors to each client engagement. Each firms database and analytical tools have been expressly designed for solving locational challenges.

Most of our competitors are real estate brokerage houses, accounting firms, or construction companies. At WDGC/BCI, location is our only business. We are judged solely by the efficacy of our locational solutions. Moreover, we do not stand to reap financial gain from our recommendations.

Whether you are a US firm looking at Europe or a European firm considering North America, we believe it would be worth your while to consider WDGC/BCI for your next location project. We can assure you of timely, cost-effective, and above all the most forwarding thinking/high quality advice. This includes both strong technical expertise and value added insights from our highly experienced consulting team. All inquires and assignments are treated in strict confidence.

Services provided by WDGC/BCI include:

bullet Plant location
bullet Distribution center siting
bullet R&D center location
bullet Call center location
bullet Regional headquarters location
bullet Labor market analysis
bullet Country assessments
bullet Area comparisons

WDGC/BCI capabilities would apply to situations such as:

bullet In the NAFTA countries, should we consider Mexico, the US, or Canada?
bullet Where is the optimal location in the US, Canada, or Mexico?
bullet Which country in the EU best meets our needs?
bullet Are there any non EU countries that should be considered?
bullet Does it make sense to consider central or eastern Europe?
bullet What are the major risks of locating in the less developed countries?
bullet If we have targeted a specific country, what is the best region and community?
bullet What are the labor market conditions, hidden costs, and restrictions in a country or area?
bullet Whats the labor/management risk in an area?
bullet Where can we reach markets the fastest and at the lowest cost?
bullet Can we recruit talent globally to a particular location?
bullet What kind of an incentives package could we expect in an area?
bullet Are labor cost advantages likely to be sustained over the longer term?
bullet How do real estate market conditions vary from one country/area to another?

In addition, core services offered by the WDGC/BCI alliance can be enhanced through one of our alliance partners in commercial real estate.
Partners can provide WDGC/BCI with pertinent real estate market input and insights on local business conditions for our corporate location projects. Once WDGC/BCI recommends a specific location, one of our partners can furnish a full complement of services, including property acquisition and project management.


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