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Wadley Donovan Gutshaw Consulting (WDGC) is unique in that we are a major, independently owned location advisory firm. For three decades our sole focus has been on helping corporations resolve location challenges. As WDGC reaps no financial gain from implementation of its locational recommendations, client management is assured of maximum objectivity regarding our consulting advice. Furthermore, by devoting all of our resources to corporate location we have assembled best of class professional talent and unrivaled databases/decision tools.

It is important to note that every company appearing on our client list has been advised by a current WDGC principal. Consequently the collective wisdom and expertise gained from a diverse array of corporate location projects resides within the existing WDGC professional staff. This enables us to furnish both excellent technical advice and value added insights gained from our involvement with the companies that have faced similar challenges.

Responding to business imperatives, WDGC’s location practice has geographically transformed. Until the mid 1990s most of our projects involved North America. Now, via two exciting strategic alliances, we cover the entire globe. This global delivery capacity has been critical to service the needs of our multinational corporate clientele.

WDGC is perhaps the most widely recognized name in the location /site selection industry. Clients are senior executives mainly from Fortune 1000 companies. WDGC has been a leader in our industry’s premier trade association, CoreNet Global. For instance, we played a key role in the organization’s futuristic research on corporate real estate and location strategy as it might evolve by 2020. We also teach CoreNet’s site selection course for professional certification and continuing education. WDGC principals also are frequently quoted in the media and have written many articles on the subject.

WDGC believes in a strong client/consultant partnership. Our clients bring business and process knowledge to the table. We are the location experts that infuse client knowledge with our technical expertise to ensure that WDGC’s ultimate recommendation maximizes success potential of the new business entity. As your partner we are also more than willing to team with other outside experts including commercial real estate, architectural/engineering, workplace design, business process engineering, etc. Moreover, WDGC is flexible in assuming a highest/best role. This could range from performing a single task (e.g., labor market study of a pre-defined location) to undertaking a full site selection analysis.

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