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Medical Device Manufacturing
Current Trends and Existing Opportunities
Medical device manufacturing is a dynamic industry, holding the attention of nearly every economic development agency in the country. However, with only about 300,000 employed in the industry nationwide, there are certainly limited opportunities to s... more

Machinery and Equipment Location Trends
MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING, a major subset of the metalworking industrial sector, is displaying many trends influencing site selection. The industry employs 1.1 million U.S. workers, accounting for nine percent of domestic manufacturing. T... more

Maximize your move
If you were to look at The FABRICATOR’s 2016 FAB 40 list of successful U.S. job shops (www.thefab ricator.com/fab40), you’d notice that 2015 revenues were flat or a little below the previous year’s numbers for several metal fabricators. That might be... more

Back-Office Location Dynamics for the Financial Services Industry
Trade & Industry Development: March 2016
This article addresses the site selection process for financial services back-office operations. We define back-office as administration and support for revenue-producing business units (often referred to as the front-office). Back-offices are proces... more

A Renaissance for the Plastics Industry: The Upside and Challenge
Expansion Solutions Magazine
Plastics production is essentially a two-phased process that begins with the raw material preparation and manufacturing of polymer resins. This product, typically in the form of pellets or beads, is then shipped to fabrication sites where the materia... more

Latest Medical Devices Site Selection Trends
Expansion Solutions Jan/Feb 2014
This article addresses the latest site selection trends displayed by the medical devices industry - Including: industry definition; revenue and growth; geographic agglomeration; industry informational sources; key location factors, and the location d... more

Harnessing Metalworking Industry: Site Selection Dynamics
Trade & Industry Development: Nov/Dec 2013
This article highlights location trends within the metalworking sector. The main focus will be on applied metal products, which range from forgings to machine tools.... more

Call Center Trends
Site Selection Dynamics for Call Centers
The last decade has seen an explosion in customer service related jobs (outpacing U.S. private sector job growth in each of the last ten years), thanks to the rapidly changing world of technology and the rising influence that customer relations can h... more

Corporate Site Selection in 2011/2012
The site selection industry was in a state of depression from 2008 through most of 2010. Main culprit was a “perfect storm” economic downturn. Fortunately, conditions began to improve in late 2010. The upward trend has held firm in 2011 and should ac... more

The Art & Science Of Distribution Center Location
This article highlights the art and science of siting new warehouse (or distribution) facilities. The following dymanics are addressed: the industry introduction, major clusters in the U.s., macro geographic analysis, micro geographic analysis, and ... more

Aerospace Site Selection Trends
May-June 2010
This article addresses site selection dynamics pertaining to the aerospace sector. Principal focus is on commercial and defense as opposed to airport operations which tend to be geographically immobile... more

Alternative Energy Equipment Manufacturing_JulyAug-2010.pdf
July-Aug 2010
This article addresses the geographic deployment of alternative energy equipment production in the United States.... more

Where Smart Money Locates R&D
Global Location Partners presents in New Orleans: Where Smart Money Locates R&D... more

Food Processing Location Trends
Jan-Feb 2010
This article examines locational trends influencing the geographic deployment of food processing manufacturing plants.... more

Around the Globe in 90 Minutes:
Alternative Energy Manufacturing
Global Location Partners (including WDGC, Buck, Tractus, and BLS) has conducted a series of Around the Globe in 90 minutes workshops for the industry's première trade organization, CoreNet Global. Our most recent session focused on alternative energy... more

The Headquarters Relocation Challenge
Mar-Apr 2009
Relocating corporate headquarters constitutes a momentous decision for any business enterprise. While there may be compelling reasons to move, risks are also significant... more

Economic Development Website Underperformance
Jan-Feb 2009
Economic development (ED) websites comprise an indispensible tool for the corporate site selector as well as the most cost-effective marketing medium for economic development organizations. This is especially true for smaller communities with ... more

A Competitive Advantage in a Global Economy
Most larger, and an increasing number of smaller, corporations are adopting an allshore (or multishore) strategy for the geographic deployment of business operations. This article highlights the rationale for integrating nearshore options as part of... more

Location Velocity: Good Today, But What About Tomorrow?
Sept-Oct 2007
No location is immune from the ill effects of velocity. But through shrewd site selection, maximum protection from such an eventuality can be…... more

Global Location Strategies For Electronics Component Manufacturing / Assembly
This article outlines both a process and key decision factors for locating electronic component manufacturing plants... more

Manufacturing Location Trends
3rd Q 2005 Issue of Trade & Industry Development
This article examines the current/emerging status of manufacturing in the U.S., the predominant locational influences for siting new production facilities, and a synopsis of the location selection process. The primary intent is to better prepare manu... more

Human Resource Challenges in a Corporate Relocation
Corporate relocation’s significant benefits, such as substantial savings and qualitative advantages, need to be weighed against the considerable risks. Companies relocate business operations for a variety of reasons. Whatever the motivating rational... more

Gold Guide 05
The Source for City & State Rankings
Business climate - the aggregate of policies put in place by state or governments that will affect the operation of private enterprises - is critical. Understanding a place’s business climate is essential and the stakes are high... more

Area Development Magazine June 1998
Thwarting the labor Shortage
Making your company a desirable place to work and conducting a systematic labor analyses will help ensure an effective work force at the new locat... more

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