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WDGC's client roster includes firms ranging from less than $100 million to well over $100 billion in sales. Why do companies of all sizes frequently call on WDGC? Most of the time, it involves a combination of benefits from calling on WDGC; it really becomes a matter of cost, timing, perception, efficiency, security (both internal and external), objectivity, and maximum validity.

Consider the following:
bullet Maximum assurance that the best decision will be made on a challenge which can substantially affect the long-range operating performance of a business.
bullet Cost effective utilization of outside resources. Considering time and efficiency, the cost of WDGC services usually is less than that incurred by internal staff. Further, the cost of location consulting advice generally represents a minor proportion of total project investment.
bullet Free up staff by utilizing WDGC expertise to devote more time and energy to daily business challenges. Location/relocation projects are one-time events. Therefore, it is difficult to build requisite internal expertise for resolving these challenges in a manner that is cost effective, efficient, and of the highest quality.
bullet Avoid any internal or external bias. Our recommendations are strictly guided by what is in the company's best long-term interest. Our success is measured by clients' satisfaction with operating expenses in recommended locations.
bullet There are many reasons, both competitive and internal, to maintain tight confidentiality on a location/relocation project. This objective can often be more readily accomplished by using an outside advisor such as WDG Consulting.
bullet Any recommendation tendered by WDGC will stand the most rigorous logical test. Hence, decision buy-in, ranging from shareholders to employees, is maximized when bringing on board proven expertise that has no vested interest or bias in the ultimate decision.
bullet Ability to handle multi-disciplined demands of the location question, with minimum internal contact, for example:
bullet Labor costs
bullet State tax
bullet Policy/rates labor relations
bullet Transportation
bullet Quality-of-life
bullet Citizen/government
bullet Attitudes
bullet Electric power
bullet Environmental regulations
bullet Telecommunications
bullet Particular expertise in the most critical aspects of most projects; i.e., Labor, in all of its ramifications:
bullet Most new locations or relocations are labor-driven, rather than facilities;
bullet A wrong solution from a labor perspective is probably uncorrectable, and typically closes out future options, at minimum; 
bullet Expertise in and proprietary models for estimating employee actions in a relocation situation; 
bullet Competitive labor demand (understanding it, projections, assessment of its impact);
bullet Forecast of salary and payroll in new markets;
bullet Ability to access local employers (and knowing what questions to ask);
bullet Databank of NLRB election activity (55,000+ union elections); and,
bullet Assessing labor quality and relating it to supply and cost.
bullet Maximum validity of findings (due to experience and our proprietary database).
bullet Protection of client from time-consuming solicitations (e.g., developers, brokers, etc.).
bullet A firm whose exclusive focus is corporate site selection.
bullet Complete objectivity as WDGC reaps no financial gain from implementation of its locational recommendations.
bullet Reputation as a leader in the industry and known for expeditious service of the highest quality.
bullet Value-added services brought from consulting engagements with clients facing similar challenges.
bullet A Proprietary Database
bullet Featuring hundreds of factors (from talent pool depth to electric power cost)
bullet Many factors have been combined to create industry specific data (e.g., underemployed pools by industry)
bullet Coverage for all metros and counties
bullet Ability to generate data on macro geographic levels (etc. commute sheds).
bullet Database continuously updated.
bullet Licenses to external datasets (e.g., demographics, risk, logistics) and GIS mapping Licenses to external datasets (e.g., demographics, risk, logistics) and GIS mapping software.
bullet Databases/mapping are especially valuable in generating suitable locational candidates during the “screening” or elimination phase.
bullet A series of proprietary analytical tools to assist WDGC consultants in evaluating locations and developing optimal solutions
bullet Area ranking/scoring model (scorecard)
bullet Cost
bullet Qualitative
bullet Combined
bullet Labor market saturation index
bullet Maximum headcount sizing
bullet Qualified applicant flow (by position)
bullet Optimal travel to work/commute times.
bullet Multivariate cost projections.
bullet Employee mobility actions (retention/attrition).
bullet People Experience
bullet Each WDGC client engagement manager has a minimum of 10 years corporate location experience.
bullet At WDGC client assignments are performed by seasoned professionals. Critical recommendations are not off-loaded to inexperienced, junior personnel.
bullet The WDGC professional team is multi-discipline, with a variety of business, consulting, and education backgrounds.
bullet WDGC reputation as an industry leader
bullet Client base 1/3 Fortune 500
bullet Also many middle market firms
bullet Location projects have spanned wide spectrum of industry
bullet Facilities have been sited in all lower 48 states
bullet Prominent role in CoreNet Global, the industry’s premier association for corporate real estate
bullet Designed/teach site selection course
bullet Participated on seminal 2020 research as member of corporate location strategy task force
bullet Delivered presentations in a number of workshops including the “Around the World in 90 Minutes” series
bullet Industry expert available as media resource for public speaking relative for site selection trends.

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